Los Angeles LGBT Center's Vanguard Awards

Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney met on the auspicious day that Kathy bailed Mo out of jail for stealing a pineapple. Or at least that’s what they'd like us to believe. In truth, they met in San Diego in the 80's and thought each other was the funniest person they had ever met. Delighted they were both funny AND feminist, they decided to write a funny, feminist show together called The Kathy and Mo Show. They started at gay and lesbian bars and coffee shops, AIDS and LGBT fundraiser's, then a run at the Old Town Theater in San Diego. They soon moved to NYC and The Kathy and Mo Show: Parallel Lives first opened at The Second Stage Theater before being moved to the West Side Arts Theater to rave reviews and a 2-year off-Broadway run. Their first HBO special, The Kathy & Mo Show: Parallel Lives was filmed during their run at The Theater on the Square in San Francisco. The second HBO special, The Kathy and Mo Show: The Dark Side was filmed at The Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles 1995. They then reunited for their third show in 2004, The Kathy and Mo Show: Afterbirth at the Canon Theater in Beverly Hills which moved to a sold-out run at the new Second Stage Theater in NYC.

The Kathy and Mo Show has won several awards including the Obie Award, four Cable Ace Awards and an American Comedy award. They have worked with many talented directors and producers including Edward Stone, Don Scardino, Paul Benedict, Dean Parisot, Art Wolff, Carol Rothman, Robyn Goodman, Mark Brokaw, Robyn Goodman, Jon Imparato and Susan Dietz. Their 2-disc DVD set: The Complete Kathy and Mo Show (with the pieces developed at their stint at the LA/LGBT Center!) can be found on Amazon.  They will debut a few pieces of new material on an Olivia Cruise in 2017, (if Kathy isn't too tired and if Mo makes bail.)